Mixing and Pumping Technology

Mixing and pumping technology comprises all of the products which are used for preparing/ mixing solids and liquids, particularly in the specialist foundation engineering sector. In addition to mixing, this technology also includes the conveyance (pumping, storage and injection) of the mixed products.

Further areas of application can be found in the tunneling sector and in the building materials industry.

MAT Company Profile

MAT is a German manufacturer and supplier of mixing and separation technology, based in Immenstadt-Seifen in the Allgäu region at the foothills of the Alps. For more than 27 years, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art machinery and plant systems for mixing, pumping and separating slurries in the areas of specialist foundation engineering, tunnelling, construction material production and environmental technology.

With innovative technology, accurate and detailed workmanship and practice-oriented know‑how, we have to this day significantly influenced the course of technological developments in the fields of mixing and separation technology.

As a member of the BAUER Group, offer the optimal service of a major global corporation.

With individual consulting, high-capacity production, competent and meticulous execution management systems and highly efficient services, we ensure the expected quality and reliability of our products for our customers. Renowned customers, both at home and abroad, are totally committed to our extensive product range and put their trust in us.

More information can be found in our brochure, Mat Product RangeMore information can be found in our brochure, Mat Product Range

Or Link to MAT Web page: http://www.bauer-mat.de