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Creativity, years of experience and a close link with the actual practice are the most important factors for the successful development of machines and technologies in specialist foundation engineering. This is a tradition at Bauer – for over fifty years our engineers have picked up ideas and suggestions from our construction sites and with these developed innovative technologies which assisted to improve specialist foundation engineering.


The high-performance B-Tronic is based on dozens of sensors. Positioned at all critical points in the machine, these sensors continuously collect data which are centrally logged and processed. A high-resolution touch screen with a range of different display modes informs the machine operator about the status of his machine and provides details for the optimal use of the machine. Data transmission systems, such as WLAN, USB or the BAUER specific communications unit DTR, allow transmitting machine operating and production data locally and globally to any place via the internet.

Do you need further, more extensive evaluations of machine and project data?

No problem: the necessary programs and apps, such as WEB-BGM or B-Report, can be easily connected.

More information can be found in our brochures: B-TRONIC  /  B- TRONIC Display

EEP Energy-Efficient Power

Productivity and efficiency have a long tradition at Bauer. The EEP Energy-Efficient Power was developed based on current research and development work. In addition to a significant reduction in fuel consumption, it also offers further advantages and thus shows that high performance, low noise and low fuel consumption are not necessarily incompatible. Numerous tests have proven the suitability for practical application. Your personal advisor at BAUER Maschinen GmbH will be happy to provide you with information on availability and launch dates.

More information can be found in our brochure: EEP Energy-Efficient Power

Flydrill Kelly-Pile-Top Drilling Unit

The Flydrill system is a new concept for the construction of bored piles by the rotary drilling technique. The drill, which comprises a rotary drive, kelly bar, drilling tool and hydraulic clamping unit, is suspended on the main hoist rope of the base carrier (MC foundation crane or similar crawler crane). Hydraulic power supply for the pile-top drilling unit is provided either by the base carrier or anexternal Bauer hydraulic power pack.

During the drilling process, the drilling unit is clamped to the top of the tubular pile or drill casing by way of an hydraulically operated clamping unit. To empty the drilling bucket and dump the drill spoil on site, the hydraulic clamps are released from the top of the pile, allowing the entire unit to be lifted off and swung sideways.

BFD 2000 BFD 3500
Torque kNm 200 360
Stroke crowd cylinder mm 1000 1500
Crowd force (push(pull) kn 2 x 70 2 x 120
Clamping force kN 2 x 230 3 x 230
Casing diameter mm 1000 – 2000 1850 – 3500
Kelly outer diameter mm 368 470
Weight (excl. kelly bar and tool) t approx. 5.5 approx. 15
Drilling depth (dependent on base carrier) m 20 – 60 20 – 60

More information can be found in our brochure: BMA Maritime Technologies